Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#ConfessionsofaVampireHunter and #MichaelFlynn is a vampire (#FlynnResignation)

Michael Flynn is a vampire. I've seen it all before, and I see it now. He's pale skinned and dark haired. He has the pallor under the eyes, and he comes out at night. I've even seen fangs when he does that half smile where those little rat eyes light up.

Now, he's been caught trying to hatch a scheme to sell out America. We've seen his kind before, but never like this. He is only the beginning, and he must be stopped.

William Magnum, vampire hunter

#MichaelFlynn should go to prison #FlynnResignation

The Trojan Horse is in the White House, and it opened a long time ago. Flynn's gone, but we want him in prison. Flynn is owned by the Russians. He sold out the United States to the Russians. There's no telling what they have on him. He negotiated with our enemy while President Obama was in office. He undermined the president and this country.

Flynn is just the tip of the iceberg. Trump and his cabal are all tied in together. They are all traitors. They don't want to "Make America Great Again"--they want to destroy America.

Monday, February 13, 2017

I write what's inside my head just because I can #amwriting #writerslife

The joy of the blank page is in anticipation of what Stephen King calls, "The hole in the page," where you are lost in the writing. That's what I long for, the worlds, the possibilities, the art form of it all. It may be clumsy and soaring at the same time. It can be both.

It is therapeutic, and it is disheartening at the same time. I long to hear the muse in my head even when she refuses to sing. She is likely singing, but I need to listen more closely.

#StephenMiller is an asshole

It is an obvious statement, but it needs to be repeated over and over. He's the worst kind of racist Duke grad. It is staggering that he's in this position given his age and lack of experience, but Trump loves incompetent assholes. That's how Mr. Cheese Doodle-in-Chief rolls. God forbid Trump actually get someone who is qualified, or, dare I say, nice. Fat chance.

Our chances of maintaining our democracy are thinning out like Miller's hair. Neither have long.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Sneer and Move on" #micropetry

Jump to the side
or you will get knocked over.
Even if it with a sneer.
Because no one wants to be
in your way.
And you think everyone
wants to be in your path.
But no one does.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#ConfessionsofaVampireHunter and keep firing

The target moves even when you can't see it. Sometimes it moves when you can, and that makes it hard to hit. It is a greased watermelon slipping through a child's hands in the pool.

There is too much sludge these days, and it is slick and foul. I've smelled more pleasant vampire guts. There's nothing worse than a rotten country, and we are in one now.

When they come at you, keep firing, my friends.

We will prevail.

William Magnum, vampire hunter

I write what's inside my head even when there are #alternativefacts being spewed by liars

My fiction is truer than your alternative facts. My fiction is truer than the drivel you spew, you wretched imps.

From dead winter fields to verdant summer flower beds I live for a clever phrase, a vivid image, or an enjoyable character. These things are true even if they are made up. Alternative facts aren't worthy of fiction. They are lies, and fiction isn't a lie.