Thursday, March 31, 2016

#PatMcCrory is a muppet #vampire

He is a real scumbag. And he's a prisoner to corporate interests. He's one of the most incompetent governors in NC history from the coal ash disaster to failing to take Medicaid money to HB 2, this dirtbag is screwing us over. Let's knock him in the dirt on Election Day.  

#DonaldTrump #HB2

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

#HB2 and the lawmakers who passed it are #vampires (and assholes)

That's pretty obvious. I would love to see if we banned white, male, Christians from restrooms--male restrooms. That's how absurd the logic is. It is downright discriminatory and mean spirited, but what do you expect from a bunch of raging assholes?

These asshats don't deserve to be in office. They are utter scum, regressive fools, and they are a national disgrace.

I can't wait to see McCrory gone. I would love to see John Hardister and John Blunt gone too. These are the asshole legislators in my area.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Jesus is useless against #vampires #resurrection

1,000 words a day at lunch #amwriting

That's my goal, and I can usually get there in 30 minutes to 1 hour. I write fast. Of course I will need to revise, but my second book is flowing well. I am enjoying myself. And it is about the only time I have to write. You write when you can. That's the only way to be a writer while working your day job so to speak.

Monday, March 28, 2016

#HB2 #WeAreNotThis signals #vampire takeover of North Carolina

We have blood suckers in North Carolina, and they occupy the highest levels of state government. They care nothing for the humans they govern, and they will stop at nothing to discriminate against minority groups. We are led by an idiot governor and a corrupt legislature. Make no mistake: they are vampires. There is no doubt. Ruthless assholes, and something needs to be done about them. Vote them out.

Regarding our governor, he looks like a Muppet who got punched in the nuts after he suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Our legislature is a bunch of nimrods, especially the Republican "lawyers" in office many of whom don't have what you might call robust practices.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Negative energy

#MappingtheLeft is "shit on a stick" #Civitas

I've held off long enough on this one. "Mapping the Left" is published each year by the Civitas Institute, which is a conservative organization in North Carolina. It is meant to reveal the "radical left" for some reason. I am not sure what it is attempting to accomplish. It is stupid and nasty and petty.

It is worth as much as "shit on a stick." Here's my response to those who publish the list: FUCK YOU!

Vampires aren't the only blood suckers (they are in the NC General Assembly too)

The North Carolina General Assembly has members who are worse than vampires. They masquerade as "family values" guys and girls. In reality, they are a bunch of bigoted asshats. They waste the state's money to pass bigoted laws. Case in point, they held a special session to usurp the ability of local municipalities to pass laws pertaining to bathrooms and transgendered people. The law should allow people to use the restroom for the gender that identify most closely with NOT the gender with which they were born. It cost $42,000, and they are using fines from speeding tickets to pay for it.

They also managed to negate municipalities ability to raise the minimum wage.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Edit closer than you think #Queryletters

I thought I edited closely. I was wrong. I didn't edit closely enough. If there is any skill I can improve upon, it is editing more closely. This takes discipline, and it needs to be done a lot--more than you ever realize. My strength is writing and ideas, but I know I need to continue to strive to be better at finding my typos. I do tend to repeat myself too.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Vampire Esquire's War: A Novella's author, Michael Wells Jr., interview with @HMSounds

#TrumpRally attendee (average brain size of a #DonaldTrump supporter)

This is a charitable assessment.

#TrumpRallyChi: #DonaldTrump, you created it, Dr. #Frankenstein, now deal with your #monster

You created it, asshole, with your bigotry and encouraging violence. I'm glad to see you are finally getting some of your own medicine. You colossal jerk. It is so gratifying to see. You are nothing but a bully and a thug with no positions on anything. You offer nothing but anger and negativity. How does it feel to have it turn back on you? I hope you get more of it. Maybe someone will rip that awful mat off your head and shove it in those small hands of your's.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

#Indie writing is enjoyable and allows you to maintain control #queryletter

Last Monday I published a novella (Vampire Esquire's War: A Novela)  on Kindle (), Nook(  and Smashwords( It is achieving success early on, and I am encouraged. This is not to say that I will cease to edit and perfect what's out there as that's one of the beauties of e-publishing.  The caveat is you need to get your best work out there. Quality matters. You are your own brand.

I am still querying my novel based on the same concept, and I am getting positive feedback (when I get it) from agents. But no bites yet. It will happen. If not, I will kill it as an Indie author. I know it because I have control, and I am already making it happen.

I am writing. Are you?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

#BenCarson dropped out because he's a weak vampire #SuperTuesday #HouseofCards #vampire

He really shit the bead in the election. One of the worst candidates I've ever seen. I need to put him in my next book. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

#SuperTuesday further evidence of #vampire takeover led by #DonaldTrump

He's going to get the nomination, and he's clearly a vampire. Why is this? He's a blood sucker who hates the majority of humanity. He is a bigot, and he wants to get rid of everyone not like him. He's mean and boorish. Oh he's a vampire, and he's leading the takeover, and I'm going write about it. See part one .

Vampire Esquire's War: A Novella by Michael Wells Jr. makes top 100 #Amazon #vampirethrillers

New Twitter profile #amwriting #indieauthor #vampirenovella relieffrom #queryletters

"The Vampire Esquire War: A Novella" #Indieauthoron @DebbieTCC #vampirehunters #vampire #SuperTuesday #HouseofCards

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#SuperTuesday special: #DonaldTrumpJr and #DonaldTrump should be the ones leaving the country #amwriting #queryletters #vampireesquireswar

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump just said they would help pay for black people to leave America; they said this on SUPER TUESDAY. I'm not making this up. Very vampire-like, and it makes me thing I should include them in my second novella in the Vampire Esquire's War: A Novella . Ronald Drum in the first novella is based on Donald Trump, but he's not running for president--not yet at least. Anyway, there continues to be fodder that distracts me from the heart wrenching process of trying to make it as a writer in my spare time (of which I have none).

#SuperTuesday-- and #vampires are better than some (almost all) of the candidates #HouseofCards #FrankUnderwood #QueryLetters

I wrote a book about lawyers, vampires and politicians. Some characters are all three in one. Then I wrote a novella, Vampire Esquire's War: A Novella,,  that is the first in a series of novellas meant to critique the American political system in this age of Donald Trump and "House of Cards". Quite frankly, I would prefer Frank Underwood. Of course, I am doing all of this to deal with the query letter process for the aforementioned book, which has its own set of ups and downs. But you keep writing. This election cycle does provide an excellent opportunity to write about vampires though because it is so insane. Who would have thought Donald Trump would likely be the nominee or that Bernie Sanders would have a chance? Makes my writing about vampire takeovers seem not all that far fetched. To all the politicos out there, enjoy Super Tuesday--and Frank Underwood this Friday.