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Friday, February 19, 2016

Writing a lot on my second book while sending query letters on the first book (while still pumping out #smashwords stories)

Writers write.  When in doubt, write.  Always write the next thing.  Keep putting it out there.  I am trying to embrace the arts for arts sake ethos, and it is working to some extent.  If the first book works, great.  If it doesn't, the second one will work or I will publish an ebook that will work.  These are the things I tell myself.

But rejection hurts.  All writers go through it though.  It a rite of passage, but it is also a question of numbers.  You have to keep plugging and hope you break through.

Here's hoping.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Into the #smashwords ether (while continuing to send query letters) because it is fun #amwriting

So I published two stories or "ebooks" tomorrow on  It is fun to do, and I am surprised at how many people want to download short stories without proper covers.  I've had 32 downloads in less than a day.  These are two stories I wrote awhile ago, and they don't really deal with the book I'm querying--I'm saving that.

I'm sure I will post more of my past stuff too.

I'm enjoying it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Jack Russell," my story, is on #Smashwords (fun while sending #query letters)

Purchase  it here:

While sending query letters on my vampire lawyer novel, I plan on publishing stories and novellas on #Smashwords because why the heck not? #amwriting #queryletter #writerslife

Smashwords is great.  It is a way to get your stuff out there.  Whether anyone reads it is another story.  Later this week I plan on publishing some old stories and novellas I never submitted to publishers just for the heck of it.  Why not?  It should be fun.

I am still querying my novel, VAMPIRE ESQUIRE, and that is in the early stages.

More to follow...

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reagan was a #bloodsucker

This needs to happen

Vampire Novel #Query letter (Into the black hole?) #amwriting

For those of you who have ever "queried" a novel, you will understand the mixture of anxiety and excitement that comes.  Showcasing your work is exhilarating and more horrifying than any creature you could conjure up--even a vampire.

I began querying my novel, VAMPIRE ESQUIRE, back in mid-December.  Some agents have liked the premise.  Some have said it is "not the right fit" or something similar to that.  There are phrases of rejection, phrases you will be accustomed to regardless of your ability.  Ability is important, but there is a somewhat mystical code that must be cracked.  That code is figuring out what the agent wants and, more precisely, what the agent can sell.

Here is a summary of my book (my take on the query process explained in a cartoon thereafter):

Vampire Esquire plot summary
Michael Wells 

PIERRE LEBLANC is a lawyer and a vampire.  He is almost 2,000-year-old and a former Roman senator turned vampire during the “Great Fire of Rome” in 64 BCE.  PIERRE uses the law to preserve the peaceful coexistence between humans and vampires though he finds his existence lonely.  He misses his long dead Roman wife, but he feels preserving the peaceful coexistence gives his undead existence meaning.

MARK INMAN is the United States House Majority Leader.  INMAN is approached by the RNC about running for president against Democrat President THOMAS ELDER.  “VLADMIR LENIN” will provide two billion in funding through a Super PAC.  LENIN is a 3,000-year-old vampire billionaire from Paris, and he owns Nero Corporation.  Lenin wants to use Nero to buy the American political system.  The United States will serve as a staging ground for his vampire versus human war.

LENIN’S vampires are all his progeny, and their numbers are expanded through human trafficking hidden by fake hotel development projects (where humans are made vampires), slashing government assistance programs (weakening of safety net for disenfranchised) and private prisons (less regulated and easier to make prisoners vampires).  Significantly, LENIN and all of his progeny are impervious to sunlight.

ELDER is informed by the vampire hunting society, Society of the Silver Stake, that a mysterious figure from Europe—likely LENIN—is planning a vampire take over of the United States along with the Vampire Restoration League of Europe (ancient league that wants to return vampires to dominance).  ELDER uses vampire hunter WILLIAM MAGNUM to contact PIERRE in Chicago to obtain LEBLANC’S assistance.  LEBLANC comes to Washington, D.C. where he works with disgraced Iraqi war veteran and vampire hunter, ROLAND WALKER and the ruthless and beautiful vampire hunter, VALKYRIE.  The vampire hunters stage raids on human trafficking sites and other vampire growing sites such as subway tunnels.  Similar raids are conducted by other members of the Society, and this stymies the vampire growth.

PIERRE also poses as a lobbyist he previously killed in order to obtain inside information of Nero’s efforts to run money through Super PACs.

LENIN summons INMAN’S chief of staff, FLETCHER HUNTER, to Paris to meet.  LENIN turns FLETCHER into a vampire and sends him back to the United States.

LENIN later coaxes SECRET SERVICE AGENT THOMAS WATSON to Paris during a vacation where he turns him into a vampire.  WATSON is sent back to the White House.  Remarkably, WATSON is able to avoid PIERRE, and no one learns WATSON is a vampire.  WATSON eventually allows LENIN access to the White House because LENIN has “derivative permission” to enter through WATSON.

FLETCHER turns INMAN into a vampire.  INMAN runs for president, but, when the Supreme Court decides to hear the case on faulty voting machines in Florida, the Court orders a recount of the paper record.  ELDER wins Florida and is narrowly reelected.

Frustrated, LENIN launches (without the approval of the Vampire Restoration League) the war too soon because his vampires are weak due to not having enough time to reach “maximum viability.”  This weakness allows humans to fight back and win the war.

Rather than having WATSON kill the president, LENIN and his minions attack the White House.  LENIN feels taking the White House and killing ELDER will allow him to take over humanity.  They are able to slip in because the Secret Service is substandard, and WATSON gives LENIN “derivative permission” to enter.
LENIN and PIERRE square off in Oval Office, and LENIN reveals he is PIERRE’S maker.  Just as LENIN is about to kill the President, WATSON stakes LENIN, killing him and averting the danger.  WATSON is pardoned, and the vampire members of Congress are staked.

ELDER gives a special speech to the nation, but INMAN, now Speaker of the House, rushes towards the President.  ROLAND stakes INMAN, who unknown to those in attendance was a vampire.  It is revealed ROLAND is a descendant of Abraham Lincoln and Inman a descendant of John Wilkes Booth.

Order is restored.  But FLETCHER escapes to Germany to stage another attack.  He is followed by VALKYRIE, who is acting on behalf of the Society of the Silver Stake.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

#Scalia could come back as a vampire

He was mean enough.  And he sucked blood for others.  He hated the weak and powerless.  So he would be a perfect vampire.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#microstory #keeppounding "Vampire Panther Roaming the Quiet Countryside" #Pathers #SuperBowl50

Charlotte, NC

Reports have surfaced of a man who is stalking the woods while painted completely black.  He isn't wearing clothes, and he thinks he is a panther.

He has subsisted on plant life and small woodland creatures.

He is thought to be hunting a Bronco in preparation for Super Bowl 50.  And he is likely a vampire 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

#MarkFuhrman is avampire #peoplevsojsimpson #confessionsofavampirehunter

And a real motherfucker.  He was my first memory of a racist cop.

I hate him.

Roland Walker, vampire hunter 

Monday, February 1, 2016

#IrishViking and #vampire

#DonaldTrump will be the first #vampire to win the #IowaCaucus #confessionsofavampirehunter

It is happening--the vampire takeover. We must be vigilant to prevent it.  Vote against in the other primaries.  He's an undead piece of shit.

Roland Walker, vampire hunter