Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Vampire Esquire plot summary

Pierre Leblanc the “vampire esquire” is a 2,000 year old vampire turned during the ‘Great Fire of Rome’ in 64 AD.  He is wrest away from his loving Roman wife and great life as a successful  lawyer and his career as a Roman Senator.  He later escapes his maker.  He lives in Europe for hundreds of years until he finally makes it to the United States and eventually to Chicago.  A vampire billionaire, named Vladimir Lenin, wants to take over the United States through his Parisian company, Nero Corporation, where he attempts to buy the Presidential election and Congressional elections.  He manages to buy off Congress and gets them to dismantle government programs, Medicaid in particular, thereby creating a critical mass of people off the grid to make into vampires.  The President stays in power and is the check to the tyrannical Congress.


Pierre along with vampire hunters William Magnum (grisly vampire hunter), Roland Walker (disgraced Iraqi war vet in search of redemption) and the President, who is also a vampire hunter, are aided by the Society of the Silver Stake (a secret vampire hunting society).  A vampire v. human war ensues.  Humans win.  In a last ditch effort,  vampires enter the White House to kill the President, but they are thwarted by the vampire hunters, the Society and Pierre Leblanc.  The plan fails.  Lenin is revealed to be Leblanc’s maker, and Leblanc kills Lenin.

Running in the dark gets me ready for Halloween

Vampires love it.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bats on the trail

Perhaps there are vampires.  You never know.  Read my up coining book, and you will see.